Biosan's Reishi Wall-broken Spore Powder entered COSTCO

The Organic Reishi Wall-broken Spore Powder of LUGUMINGZHU Brand from Biosan Biotech Co.,Ltd. successfully entered COSTCO, the China’s first Store(No. 235, Zhujian Road, Minhang District, Shanghai).

The first store of COSTCO in China opened in Shanghai on August 27,2019. COSTCO is the largest chain member warehouse store in the United States and the largest sales in the world. With the unique model of “Select + Floor Price + Membership”, it has more than 92 million members world wide and more than 120 thousand members in China.

Biosan Biotech Co., Ltd. as the supplier was invited to attend the party before opening in COSTCO store. We can see the organic Reishi wall-broken spore powder of LUGUMINGZHU brand exhibited neatly on the shelf attracting people’s attention. 

Biosan’s organic Reishi wall-broken spore powder were sold well on the first day of COSTCO store opening with thousands of consumers.

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