Professor Zhibin Lin of Peking University visited Biosan Biotech. Co.,LTD

Invited by MrsXingli Wang, CEO of Biosan Biotech. CO.,LTD, Professor Zhibin Lin and his wife Mrs Ying Tang came to Lishui and visited the deep processing plant of Biosan Biotech. Co.,LTD on April 17, 2019. Professor Lin, the former Vice President of Beijing Medical University, is the Chairman of International Society of Ganoderma Lucidum as well as the Honorary Director of the Ganoderma Committee of the China Association of traditional Chinese Medicine.

Professor Lin and Mrs Tang, accompanied by Biosan’s President and Professor Mr. Hongwei Qiu, CEO Mrs. Xingli Wang and Deputy General Manager Dr. Weiming Liu, visited the production workshop. He asked more detailed information about the production process of Biosan’s Ganoderma lucidum wall-broken spore powder, Ganoderma extract and other products. After that, President Qiu gave a presentation and had a discussion with Prof. Lin.

Professor Lin spoke highly of the new technology of applying membrane separation to produce mushroom pure extract without any fillers. He said it was the first time he had seen the application of membrane separation and nitrogen-filled packaging of Ganoderma lucidum wall-broken spore powder packaging in mushroom industry.

During the discussion, Professor Lin said that he had a good impression with the production technology, equipment, management and environment of Biosan. He believed that the clinical research of 240 cases of tumor cancer patients led by the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army with the Biosan’s Ganoderma lucidum wall-broken spore powder had great meanings and should be published as soon as possible. Professor Lin suggested that clinical research on mushroom products should be done more, especially on the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by wall-broken spore powder and Ganoderma extract, which has great market prospects.

At the end of the visit, Professor Lin specially presented his latest edition Lingzhi from Mystery to Science (3rd edition) to Mrs. Wang. This work has been translated into many languages and published in foreign countries. It is the most popular authoritative work on Ganoderma lucidum research and plays an important role in spreading Chinese Ganoderma culture and international influence as well as promoting international Ganoderma research and industrial development.

Brief introduction of Professor Lin Zhibin:

Professor Lin graduated from the medical department of Beijing Medical University in 1961 and taught there after graduation. He was the former deputy Dean of the School of Basic Medicine, Beijing Medical University, director of the Institute of Basic Medicine, head of the department of pharmacology, vice President of Beijing Medical university. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, honorary professor at the Perm Institute of Pharmacy in Russia, and a visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong.

He has successively served as a member of the Executive Committee of International Union of Basic Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR), Chairman of the International Society of Ganoderma  Lucidum, Honorary Director of the Ganoderma Committee of the China Association of traditional Chinese Medicine, Chairman of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Edible Fungi Association, and member of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission. He was successively editor-in-chief of Journal of Beijing Medical University, Deputy Chief Editor of Acta Pharmacologica Sinica and Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 
 He has been engaged in the research on the pharmacological effects and mechanism of anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulatory drugs and anti-tumor drugs for a long time. He has adopted modern scientific and technological methods to study the immunomodulatory effects, anti-tumor effects, liver protection effects and anti-diabetes effects of traditional Chinese medicine Ganoderma lucidum and its effective components, and has made important achievements. He is the first person to study Ganoderma lucidum in China.

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