Cordcyeps militaris dual extract 4:1

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• Pure and fine mushroom powder • Water and alcohol extracted from organic Cordyceps militaris mushroom fruiting bodies • Organic, Kosher and Halal certified • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan • No added starch, mycelium and any other additives • Tested by in-house lab and the third-party lab-Eurofins • Partially soluble in water • Ready to eat directly


• Drinking with water, coffee, tea, milk, yogurt, smoothies, etc. • To be an ingredient of smoothies, drinks, flavoring, etc. • To be a functional food ingredient

Product details

The raw materials are Cordyceps militaris cultivated with rice as the substrate in our organic Cordyceps militaris base located in Gutian, Fujian Province.

Product Code


Product Name

Cordyceps militaris dual extract 4:1

Latin Name

Cordyceps militaris


Pure Cordyceps militaris extract, no carriers

Extraction Solvent

Purified water, alcohol

Active Compounds

Polysaccharides≥27%, β-glucans≥25% 

Mannitol≥15%, Adenosine≥0.15%, Cordycepin≥0.25%

Testing Method

Megazyme test kit K-YBGL, Titration, HPLC


Yellow to brown, fine powder

Particle Size

99% through 100 mesh

Bulk Density



Soluble in water


1kg, 5kg, 20kg


US NOP organic and EU organic certificate, Kosher check, Halal certificate


Product Process

Applied Study

Cordyceps militaris Improves Tolerance to HighIntensity Exercise After Acute and Chronic

Supplementation, Journal of Dietary Supplements, 2016,00(00):1–12


(The linked article is an academic research paper, which does not mean that the product has the efficacy described in the article)

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