Mushroom powder blend

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• Pure and fine mushroom powder • Made from several organic mushroom fruiting bodies • Organic, Kosher and Halal certified • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan • No added starch, mycelium and any other additives • Tested by in-house lab and the third-party lab-Eurofins • Insoluble in water • Ready to eat directly


• Drinking with water, coffee, tea, milk, yogurt, smoothies, etc. • To be a functional food ingredient

Product details

Product Information

Product Code


Product Name

Mushroom powder blend

Raw Materials

The blended powders of different mushroom powder including Reishi, Cloudy mushroom, Chaga, Cordyceps militaris, Cordyceps sinensis mycelium, Maitake, Lion's mane, Shiitake, Tremella, Oyster mushroom and Black fungus (Customized with the requirement)


Pure mushroom powder, no carriers

Active Compounds

Polysaccharides≥2%, β-glucans≥25%

Testing Method

Phenol-sulfuric acid method, Megazyme test kit K-YBGL


Yellow to brown, fine powder

Particle Size

99% through 80 mesh


Insoluble in water


1kg, 5kg, 20kg


US NOP organic and EU organic certificate, Kosher check, Halal certificate

*This product is a mixture of kinds of mushroom powders, which is a case of mushroom products blend produced and sold by our company. We can customize different kinds, different quantities and different mixing proportions of mushroom powder for customers according to their own choices. The production process of mushroom powder blend is similar to that of mushroom powder. See the video of mushroom powder production process in the video column.

Applied Study

Medicinal Mushrooms: Bioactive Compounds, Use, and Clinical Trials,Int J Mol Sci. 2021 Jan; 22(2): 634.

(The linked article is an academic research paper, which does not mean that the product has the efficacy described in the article)

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